About Sofia Roper

In my 8 videos, I shared some of the juiciest bits about my life. But you may wonder what else I've done since I learned those valuable life lessons.

I was born in Austria but my dad dreamed of sunshine and opportunity so we immigrated to South Africa when I was seven.

As you know from the first video, I was a goldsmith and owned a jewelry store.

After my kids left home, I intuitively felt that there was a new home for me somewhere in the world.

I didn’t know where it was and how I was going to get there, but I knew that it wasn’t just going to fall into my lap.

To find this new home I would first have to let go of my comfortable life in South Africa.

So that's what I did and set off into the sunset - or rather the Great Unknown - searching for Home.

In 2002, I found it in San Diego, California.

I started a new career as an investment advisor and divorce financial planner. 

Later I began to give regular workshops teaching women how to manage finances and navigate divorce or career change.

Although I did well as a financial advisor, I realized that I had no passion for it. I did however love coaching

After seven years I quit financial services and took time off to come up with an idea for a new venture that I could love as much as I loved my first business.

It took longer than I expected. I love tech and I love personal development, so I spent the time gaining internet marketing and web development skills while expanding my personal growth.

During my break I continued to coach a handful of private clients, and became a volunteer C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the foster care system.

In 2015, I left San Diego to check out Oregon where my daughter and her hubby had moved to a few months earlier.

I stayed with friends on my way there and each needed help with their computers. After setting things up for them so that it was simpler and more efficient, they both said the same thing; "You're very good at this and have so much patience. You could do it as a business."

Well that's all the encouragement I needed. Shortly after settling in Oregon, I started my tech and web development biz and clients started calling me The Tech Whisperer.

After my grandson was born, the 'kids' moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. Since they were my only family in the US, I moved there too.

That's when I decided to combine all my expertise and experience and do business coaching and consulting. You can see it at RevampYourBiz.

I love business, but my greatest passion is coaching and inspiring women to fearlessly and unapologetically create the life of their dreams.

That's why I created WomenLivingFearlessly...

ツ Sofia (Always Ready to Inspire) Roper