How the Tom, Dick, Harry, and Candy story turned out to be the greatest gift of my life!

"You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame."

Erica Jong

What's next? I'd love to learn more about the fears you've faced or are currently facing. Would you mind filling out the from below?

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Are you a woman who's ready to face your fears and build a life on your own terms?

Here are some of the areas I'm talking about:

✿ Relationships with others - speaking up, communicating honestly, leaving a toxic one...

✿ Relationship with Self - embracing singledom, loving yourself, putting yourself out there (that's what I did with my story)

✿ Work - communicating with bosses, co-workers, quitting, changing jobs...

✿ Business - starting a new one, revamping an inefficient one...

✿ Life Transition - navigating divorce, starting over, relocating...

✿ Growing Older - embracing the aging process or empty nest...

Let me know if you can think of any others.

I have personal experience with all of the above.

ツ Sofia (Eager to Connect With You) Roper

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