Hi, I'm Sofia Roper - creator, teacher, perpetual learner, and entrepreneur.

Born in Austria, raised in South Africa, now living in the US.

I thought I was pretty fearless...

…but found out that I still had much to learn about true courage and strength

I had to go through a number of very challenging and CRAZY experiences to wake up.

And boy, did I learn...

I now know what it takes to let go of fear and create the life you really want...and it's simpler than you think. (I said simple not easy)

I share my one-of-a-kind story in the hope that it helps inspire you to let go of your fear and fully embrace the life that is waiting for you. See it here ➤

“Women are like tea bags. You don’t know how strong they are until they get in some hot water.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

My mission and what I stand for

I stand for the advancement of women in the world.

I aim to help women discover and connect with the extraordinary creative power that is inherent in them.

I love to inspire women to fearlessly and unapologetically create the life of their dreams.

ツ Sofia (On a Mission) Roper

The Ultimate Guide to Freedom From Fear

Letting go of fear is simpler than you think when you understand how you got it, who you really are, and how to bring out the part of you that's fearless.

This simple illustrated guide will help you do just that. Get it now!

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